Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight seeks donations

The Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight took 99 Iowa veterans, five of which were from Wright County, to Washington D.C on Sept. 7. There, they toured war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery. The flight gave veterans a chance to interact with other veterans: people that understood what they went through in a way that most people never will.

                Ron Newsum organized the first Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight in 2010, in large part so that his father could see D.C. while he was still alive.

                “At that time, he was 95 years old ... He went May 1st of 2010. Three months later, he died. So mission accomplished,” Newsum said.

                Originally, Newsum had planned that the Brushy Creek Honor Flight would only serve veterans from Webster County and the surrounding counties, but the project soon increased in scope. 

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