Are shared sports a possibility for C-G-D, B-K?

The 2017-18 C-G-D wrestling team.

A perennial discussion for Clarion-Goldfield-Dows school district administration is the possibility of sharing the school’s wrestling program with the Belmond-Klemme school district. Bob Olson, C-G-D superintendent, said five different B-K superintendents have asked him about it over the years, but for one reason or another, the arrangement never went through.

This year, however, another sports-related sharing arrangement was suggested. While the CAL district used to host Belmond area students for soccer, this year, Hampton-Dumont will be hosting a shared soccer program. The B-K district suggested sharing soccer with C-G-D instead, with Belmond as the host site.

Moreover, Olson said a teacher had suggested to him sharing track as well as soccer. In all, there’s potential interest for sharing three sports: wrestling, soccer, and track.

However, school boards, students, and communities may have different feelings on sharing programs, particularly athletics.

“It seems the sports are a more emotional side than the academics,” commented C-G-D board member Troy Seaba.


At this point, the matter is in an early stage of discussion. See the April 12 edition of the Monitor for the C-G-D school board's thoughts.