74 years of the Holmes Christmas Club

The “assembly line” portion of the group. Many of the volunteers take on the same role every year, which helps the packing go smoothly. Photo by Kacey Ginn

If you walked through the door at Chappy’s on Main the morning of December 14, the first thing you would have seen is a group of women unpacking a table stacked high with boxes of snacks. Further in, you’d find a group assembling snacks into goodie bags, then a few volunteers tying gift tags, and last, a flurry of gentlemen moving boxes of fruit to an assembly line arranged over two pool tables pushed end-to-end. The tables were covered in bags of fruit being systematically packed for distribution to brighten up somebody’s Christmas.

Once again, close to 50 volunteers came together in Clarion this year to pack the Holmes Christmas Club fruit baskets. Each year, they’re given out to members of every Wright County community.

“We’ve been working up a little bit,” said Beth Menges, a longtime member of the Holmes Christmas Club. “We just keep adding names to our lists.”


For the full story, see the December 21 edition of the Monitor.