415th Military Police Detachment Departure Ceremony

SFC Josh Tew took a few minutes from the Departure Ceremony on Jan. 18 to pose for a picture with his family from Clarion. Family members present were (front row, left to right): Hannah Tew (niece), Frank Tew (son), SFC Josh Tew, wife Emery, Robert (son), Dwight Tew (dad); (second row): Mary Ann Ring (grandmother), Amanda Tew (sister-in-law), Owen Tew (nephew), Roberta Tew (mom); (third row): Joellen Woodin (aunt), Carol Vandyke (aunt), Nancy and Brian Ring (aunt and uncle); (back row): Andrew Tew (brother), Asa (son), and Ella Tew (niece). SFC Tew’s company is being deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. They are hoping to be back in the United States by the end of December. The Departure Ceremony was held at the Pocahontas High School. (Submitted Photo)